Friday, December 13, 2013

How's Everything Going?

"How's everything going?"

This is the question I hear every day from all of the wonderful people in our lives.  I don't quite know how to answer them because the answer, quite frankly, is out of my comfort's going AMAZINGLY WELL!  It's odd really.  Although I think any situation, when compared to our twins' transitions, would seem easy.  She speaks English, she is socialized, she uses her words, she is potty trained, heck she even puts her dishes in the sink without even being asked.  In the words of Big Bird, one of these things is not like the others!

It's as if she has always been here.  She loves her new sisters, and yet she annoys the heck out of them at times.  The twins adore her and have really grown up over the past month, stepping up to the plate of being big sisters.  Today in the car we had the following conversation:

Celia: "Mommy, are you weird?"

Me: "You betcha!"
Celia: "Is my dad weird?"
Me, Charlotte & Caroline: "YES!"
Celia: "Are my sisters weird?"
All of us: "Yep!"
Celia: "Am I weird?"
Caroline: "Not yet, but don't worry, you will be if you're in our family!

So yes, as hard as it is to imagine, things are going very well!  The only way it makes sense is that God knew I couldn't handle anything too stressful right now and He is taking it easy on me this time around.  Now, if He could only help me keep up with the laundry we'd be in business!


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