About Our Family

My husband Mike and I got married in 2004, after 4 years of dating.  He is a composer and is teaching college.  I went to school to be an elementary school teacher and taught for 6 years before we had kids.  Here we are in our prime (we look soooo young!!)

In 2010 we adopted our twins, Charlotte & Caroline, who are from Ethiopia.  They were 4 years old when they came to our family.

After 4 hard and rewarding years of being parents we felt called yet again to adopt, so in November 2013 Celia joined our family.

Our paths to our adoptions are very unique, as is our family.  We're very weird :)  We love football, especially The Ohio State Buckeyes.  We are crazy cat people.  We love Ethiopian culture and celebrate all of their holidays.  

We are loud.  We fight hard and love hard.  We strive to listen to God and follow the path He wants us to follow.  I hope you enjoy following our journeys!  Welcome!


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